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One united voice, to promote Islam and provide support to the whole Muslim Community across Australia

Who We Are

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Al-Hasanat is a legally registered, Non-profit, Muslim, Charitable AND Social Organization with all Australia Jurisdiction for its activities; Al-Hasanat has been recognized by the Government of Australia.

We are a Non-Profitable Organisation formed to unite all Hyderabadi Muslims and benefit the Ummah through SADAQA. We are one united voice, to promote Islam and provide support to the whole Muslim Community in Australia who holds a vision to Uphold Islamic values at all times in accordance with Quran and Sunnah. AL-Hasanat will always support the community by actively addressing their Social & Personal Issues and Providing benefits to the community through our collective skills and abilities.

AL-Hasanat creates an environment to exchange ideas, information and act as an informal forum for continuous exchange of information on employment opportunities. Facilitate potential employers with available resources. AL-Hasanat is not a politically based organisation. Neither An organisation promote any specific Ideology, nor allows anyone in this organisation to use this as their platform to promote any ideology or School of thoughts.

Al-Hasanat Deccan Welfare Association of Australia to provide a platform for awareness within and outside of community, it also enable and encourages its members to share thoughts and exchange information related to development of Deccan Muslim Community in Australia.

AL-Hasanat, Australia is a community based, independent and non-profit organization funded by contributions from the members of our community. Al-Hasanat, Australia is a no loss/no Profit voluntary which is working for the upliftment of the poor down-trodden people in general and community in particular by improving their Health, Economic & Educational development. The Foundation bears its financial responsibilities by general public donations and society members donations.

As our society is working at National Level for last few years and meeting various challenges across the country. AL-Hasanat involved in the works such as Sacrifice Project , Welfare of poor families, Free Airport Service, Funeral services, Income Generating works if someone wants.

Our Team

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