Qurban Event 2018

 Al-Hasanat 4th Qurban Event – 2018

AL-Hasanat is a Non-Profitable Organisation formed to unite all Muslims so they can support each other only and only for the sake of الله سبحانه و تعالى

ALHAMDULLAH like every year we have arranged a convenient option to all members of Al-Hasanat group members to perform Qurban in Sydney region.
Lamb – *$190.00* ($180 Actual cost + $10 AL-Hasanat charity account)
Goat  – *$190.00* ($180 Actual cost + $10 AL-Hasanat charity account)
Beef  – *$190.00* ($180 Actual cost + $10 AL-Hasanat charity account)
*These prices are exclusively to AL-Hasanat members only, price adjusted by entering coupon “ALHASANAT-QURBAN-DISCOUNT” at checkout *
To book your Qurban please order online by following below steps
1. Register or Login on
2. Click here to place your  Order Now
3. Select your Qurban option, fill all required information and click add to cart.
4. Once item is added to the cart, go to checkout page
5. Enter Coupon code “ALHASANAT-QURBAN-DISCOUNT” price will be adjusted accordingly.
For any further  info, please contact our friendly member Zafar – 0402 851 004 or Mubashir – 0402 550 863
(IN_SHA_ALLAH Together we can make a difference)